GETEMBOY® is a brand birthed in the struggle of a father’s frustration. It is a story of how society viewed and treated Lou’s Autistic son and his son’s best friends... The American Pit Bull Terriers. Lou’s son and their beloved Pit Bulls were rejected by most people in their community, so instead, they formed their own special bond with each other. Their friendship became the attitude/movement that is now Get'em Boy Unlimited Clothing Company.  

Mission Statement: GETEMBOY®™ Is The Constant Pursuit Of Quality & Perfection, Personified By An Unwavering Resolve To Set Trends & Exceed Goals, Against All Odds © Est. 1974

“Get’em Boy is not just a lifestyle, it’s and Attitude!”


To our friends, family and supporters of GETEMBOY®, we'd would like to take some time out to personally thank each and everyone who has supported GETEMBOY® and our philosophy. GETEMBOY® was birthed in adversity and takes pride in the fact that we have struggled through some very difficult circumstances and have overcome life’s hurdles without taking the easy route. Many have been an inspiration, but it was our faith in God that enabled us to get up and continue. We hope that our faith & example and our Apparel will be an inspiration to you.

As we embark on a journey to make our mark; We hope that you will continue to support us and know that we are constantly against the odds but, will never quit trying to provide you with the GETEMBOY® example... "Never Quit"! Though many challenges still lie ahead, we assure you that we will not waiver. In the spirit of the bulldog we look forward to our next challenge and will meet them head on. GETEMBOY® will be bringing you the motivating and creative apparel that represents the culture of attitude and competition. We will be dropping new new gear as often as possible. GETEMBOY® dresses the competitor in everyone. From athlete to mogul, GETEMBOY® wants to make sure you look your best while you make your mark and take your place in Success!